WIRE Maintenance

The importance of wire maintenance couldn’t be emphasized enough. It is simply too costly not to, i.e. safety hazards, reputation and money wise.
Lubrication with VIPER and a high quality grease will create a protective layer as well as filling up “missing spots» during installation. Another advantage is that the inner layers will get a better protection against penetration of saline. In addition; less friction through sheaves and between drum layers, especially during AHC mode.
Finally; it is easier to determine a starting point for wire maintenance as lubrication might just be needed along the “working length” + a couple of layers underneath. This is what we call a “Signature” of a new wire so we can compere this trace next year.

Viper is saving you precious time and gives you a perfect clean result.
VIPER is easy to install and reduces spill to a minimum.
You may buy or rent VIPER equipment from Wire Tech AS.

Viper Mini MKII
Wire Rope Lubricator

Viper Mid MK II
Wire Rope Lubricator

Viper Maxi Mk II
Wire Rope Lubricator